The sights and ‘shor’ of ‘Chor Bazaar’

Even though I’ve lived in Mumbai all my life , I had never been to ‘Chor Bazaar’ before , it’s always been on my ‘to see’ list but it wasn’t until today that I had the chance to check it out !

A bunch of us decided that we will make a trip to this noisy and colorful Bazaar.

Chor in Hindi means – theif and Bazaar – means market , so you know what to expect . While there are stolen goods for sale , there are also antiques and 2nd hand items that can be found at a ‘steal’. During the past week I tried to read up on Chor Bazaar to see what is a must see / must do there , but unfortunately there wasn’t much information online. So i guess this post should help those of you who want to check the market out.( which I recommend you do atleast once).

In order to prep for the visit :-

1. Wear Bug Spray , unless of course you would like to take a chance and get bitten by mosquitoes etc.

2. Wear Sunscreen – We were in the market at 11 am so I guess it was the smarter thing to do.

3.Wear comfortable footwear –  lots of walking to be done.

4. Carry cash – none of the stores accept cards and hence it is a must to carry cash. Furniture stores are expensive – Rs. 10000 +  a piece , Clocks and Gramaphones etc cost between Rs 2500 each.

5. Do not wear / carry expensive stuff. I mean given it’s ‘Chor Bazaar’ would you really want to take a chance ?

6.  Dress conservative – We wore ‘kurti’s’ and jeans.

Dress conservative !

7. Sharpen your bargaining skills. Usually prices are marked up atleast 20-25%.

8. Carry your camera ! It’s colorful place and you can get some great shots there.

9. There are no loos that can be visited here.

10. Carry your own drinking water. There is a coconut vendor but always better to carry water.

We were all geared up and excited about our visit today. The Rain Gods were kind enough and it did not rain while we were in the market, even though the slight drizzle on our way there scared me a bit !

Given that it is an open air market with a lot of walking around , me and my camera were both grateful for that. We headed from Bandra in a cab ( taking a car sans a driver is foolish as parking can be an issue) and got off at Mutton Street ( that is the official name for the street housing the Bazaar). The smart thing to do is to get there early on in the day around 11 – 11 :30 am – the shops have just opened up and the shopkeepers believe it’s a good omen to make sure the first sale happens soon. So that means you get good bargains and less crowd :).

We did not really know what we were looking for or the stores to check out. I did manage to click a few pictures and take a few notes …. (scroll over the pictures below for more details)

Our favourite store and the last one we visited was ‘ Mini Art Centre’ – they are really well priced and have some very very cool stuff to check out !

I managed to get details/pictures of a few stores that I really like / recommend that are worth a visit. If you know of any others , please share. Chor Bazaar is a MUST See in Mumbai and even those of you who , like me have lived in the city of dreams most of their lives – do check it out. Happy Shopping !!!


12 thoughts on “The sights and ‘shor’ of ‘Chor Bazaar’

  1. I just arrived in Mumbai last night and it being Sunday I may make a visit to the market to take a look. Thanks for the article.

  2. Great of you …to write about your experience……the best was to mention the price points…and the profit margins……You have really made the place approachable

  3. hey.. thanks for this small guide to chor bazaar… i wanted to know is there a place or a shop in chor bazar where i can find DSLRs??

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