Hong Kong calling !

I’ve been wanting to take off on a holiday for a few months now. I often joke that I will work for travel and adventure if there’s a way to do that. Last year by this time I had taken 4 holidays already and this year , well I’ve only been out once for a real holiday – to Goa. So there’s a LOT of catching up to do !

My trip to SG in May got canned (last minute) and I’ve been itching to take off since. So when the long weekend coming up this month presented a perfect excuse and opportunity I decided to take off and catch up with my 2 wonderful friends in HK. I last visited HK more than 10 years back and that only means that there’s soooo much to see and do for me.

I’m looking forward to catching up with friends, walk around the city (with my DSLR for company) and also check all the cool restaurants and bars that Hong Kong houses. While Disney is on. Y to see list , ill be skipping Macau this time round (need an excuse to go back).

Can’t wait to board and fly away from the mundane city life and icky weather ! I guess it’s a great birthday gift for myself eh ?


If you have any travel recommendations and tips for Hong Kong please feel free to share ! Of course once I’m done experiencing HK through my looking glass ill update it here so those who are looking to visit it can check all the cool places out !

Yay it’s time for my holiday !


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