For the love of travel !

Yes I LOVE to pack…I’m one of those people who not only packs her travel essentials at least a week before any trip but also helps others pack. I’m also usually one of those people who you can turn to and ask for first aid stuff,accessories to borrow and even stuff to snack on , on a trip.

No I don’t usually tug a massive suitcase along on every trip nor do I pay for excess baggage at airports (usually). I learnt to pack from one of my aunts who is an expert at this stuff and my mentor lol. She has traveled and covered almost all continents and years of experience have been passed on to moi !



So usually I make a list of things I would need on a trip by asking these questions –

– how many number of days am I travelling for ?
– what kind of holiday / trip is it ?
– will there be a lot of walking involved ?
– what will the weather be like?
– will I shop there ?
– will there before al evenings out or just casual dinners and quiet evenings ?
– where will I be staying ?

Based on this I chalk up a list of items I should carry and break it into number of days. Since I love my camera I always make sure I charge it beforehand and carry the charger along with an extra memory stick for long holidays. bug spray and sunscreen are travel essentials too !
I also take a copy of my passport and keep it handy /emergency use and carry the Indian consulate’s number as well.


I also have cute luggage tags for my bags so I can identify them from afar at the airport. In case you don’t want to spend on luggage tags you could also use bright color ribbons to tie to your bags.


While I love to pack before a trip , unpacking is one of my least favourite exercises , unless of course it’s been one of those trips to places like Dubai ,Thailand or Singapore and I’ve done a fair bit of shopping on those trips so I’m usually excited to show my loot to family and friends 😀

Work trips are the most boring to pack or unpack from followed by destination weddings that need too much planning and heavy Indian clothes to be folded and stuffed into suitcases #oof

Since I plan to walk around a fair bit in HK (in the sun) my hat and sunglasses are going to be my best friends in the day. For the evenings I plan to wear comfortable footwear since this trip is more about sightseeing and catching up with friends <;3

Can't wait to get started 😀 !



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