Why I love Hong Kong !

So I’m back after my mini break to Hong Kong and I can confidently say I LOVE Hong Kong 😀 .I love how the city offers a good blend of culture,entertainment and shopping . If you’re a tourist travelling to Hong Kong I can promise you , no matter what you’re looking for you will Not be disappointed.

I was fortunate enough to have 2 amazing ( 2 of my really close girl friends are in HK. One was born and brought up there and the other one moved about 2 years ago) guides who knew exactly what I should /must see but for those who don’t I hope my posts on HK can ensure they have atleast half as much fun as I did !

Basic travel tips :

– If you’re an Indian citizen (Common wealth passport holder) visa is on arrival for tourists and I think it’s valid for 15 days (please check with your travel agent)

– On arrival you should take the airport express to main city as it works out a lot cheaper .

– I was advised by my friends to buy the Octopus card at the airport itself and recharge it later if need be. This card can be used at MTR , 7/11 and Starbucks and Mannings .

– The exchange rates at the airport were really bad and I was glad I had carried HKD from India. You can also use credit cards almost every where and get USD/ Euro exchanged at Western Union outlets across the city.

– The MTR is the most convenient and fastest way to commute across HK and the Octopus card and the MTR map ended up being my best friends during the trip.

– The planner that I am , I had carried Matrix sim cards with me so that my friends and family had my contact number beforehand. I am also told it is cheaper to use these cards as local cards may require a deposit etc.

– Flats – yes I’m talking about comfortable flat , walking shoes. No matter what kind of holiday agenda you have in HK I can promise you that you will be required to walk A LOT around the city. Please wear flat shoes and make sure they are comfortable for hours of walking around. Also remember that if you’re travelling around July-September the weather in HK can be unpredictable and it can rain at any point and time.

Locals wear walking shoes / comfortable footwear to clubs as well !

– Umbrellas are not the smartest things to carry. This is because unlike Mumbai rainy weather the weather in HK is more windy than rainy. Maybe I was there at a wrong time and maybe the fact that Kai Tak was causing more panic in the city than normal windy weather would. My Umberella flew away at the Victoria Peak and left me wishing I had carried my wind cheater instead 😦

– Drink lots of water or liquids during your visit as the walking and heat can get to you through the day. Unlike SG , tap water is not safe for drinking and it’s recommended you pick up water at 7/11 or the local grocer. I drank Watson’s water throughout the trip.

– If you plan to visit Disney please wear sunblock. Also I recommend you book your entry ticket online as it will save you the trouble of standing in the looooong que. I also recommend you plan Disney visit for midweek or at least not the weekend so that you don’t spend your day standing and waiting for your turn. More on Disney in a separate post.

There’s soo much I want to share about my awesome break that I guess the only way to do justice is to dedicate posts to the awesome places I had the chance to see and visit (all thanks to my wonderful friends :D)




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