’tis the season to be merry !

I love December ! It means good weather , lots of weddings , friends from all over the globe visiting and yes travel time ! I am uber excited about my upcoming trip to Udaipur and I can’t wait to get on the flight !

My flight was supposed to land by noon but unfortunately #spicejet called to say that they had to cancel that flight and the only other flight they had for the day was one that reached Udaipur in the evening. It is sad because it means I have lost 1 day but all other flights were either sold out or are now twice as expensive and I really didn’t have the heart to spend that much ! I promise never to fly Spice Jet again because the staff was not helpful at ALL and it left me with a bitter after taste 😦

Anyways as long as I get there I guess I should focus on happy times ahead and I promise to share my experience so those of you who plan to check Udaipur out may get some tips from my visit like I did from Shivya (@shivya) author of the Travel Blog : The Shooting Star & Abhinav Chandel ( @abhiandnow) . 

We were keen on checking The Leela Hotel there but given it is peak season it was all sold out & really expensive !

We will definitely visit for a meal

Another great hotel that was also unavailable was the Udai villas :

We will be staying at The Trident which is supposed to be beautiful & really nice as well and I will definitely be reviewing the Hotel service & ambiance and will let you guys know ! We booked via Booking.com as always and there rates have always been the best so far !

Garden View Room

  This picture is from their website but I will be posting pics soon !

Really excited about the trip , follow me @beingmrskapoor for live updates as I share my experience during the stay !


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