My maiden flight on Spice Jet

I can confidently say that if you can avoid Spice Jet you should . Now let me explain myself to you – I’m usually a no fuss passenger , I’ve even flown Air Arabia from Sharjah to Mumbai so I know what a budget airline can mean but it’s upsetting when simple things are overlooked and a passenger who is looking forward to a trip is left upset and with a bitter after taste !

Va and I are off to Udaipur for 4 days , unfortunately for me it means only 3 actual days thanks to spice jet who cancelled my flight and left me to choose from a flight in the afternoon or (+/- 3 days) or a refund , less than a week before the flight when all flights were either full or 3x more expensive since I booked my ticket almost a month ago and it is peak travel season around the World !

Ok so I said let it go it happened , I tweeted about it but the airline shrugged about it and didn’t care much ….. But what has upset me is that the airline can’t even really manage the flights right ! I’m on a flight that is at lunchtime and like all budget airlines meals are to be paid for onboard . Spice jet has a fancy menu that I was quite impressed with until I was informed that there was no non vegetarian food and the veg options were always quite limited !

Now you tell me how would you feel if you are willing to pay for any non vegetarian food item but nothing is available ! Their excuse was that the flight is coming from Kochi , who knew that food cannot be replenished at Mumbai airport !!!!

Anyways when one of the staff members realised that I seemed quite upset she willingly offered me her non veg meal ( kudos to her for thinking on her feet) but I’m honestly quite disappointed with the whole experience 😦 I’m hoping my flight to Udaipur is like any average flight and doesn’t give me another reason not to fly with Spice . I hope the management at spice jet realises that unhappy passengers = more damage done than what your marketing budget can undo ! The food is average , oily and spicy and can be totally avoided so next time you choose to fly spice jet ( at your own risk since that seems to be the airline policy) I suggest you pack sandwiches or theplas or something .

Oh btw Merry Xmas spice jet thanks for making this a Memorable one for me 😦


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