Udaipur Diaries : Devi Garh ( Lebua)

On our way back from Nathdwara where we had the most amazing darshan of lord Shree Nathji we were tired & hungry and realized that it was almost 2 pm . We suddenly spotted a sign that said 1 km to Lebua Devi Garh property ( I had read about this on Trip Advisor but given it’s on the outskirts of Udaipur we did not stay here) and decided that we must pay this beautiful property a visit.

If words can describe our experience then the key terms would be – Royal , Exclusive , Beautiful & Scenic.


For non resident guests dining at the restaurant means a minimum billing per head and average food but in my opinion this property is definitely worth a visit ( you can only visit if you have a reservation for dining here) .

As we drove up the winding slope to the fort our driver mentioned that the movie Ek Lavya was shot at this scenic property – yes the Vidya Balan – Amitabh Bachchan starer movie that had us all oohing at the scenic beauty the locale has to offer.

Devi Garh Lebua Udaipur

We were informed at the reception that one would need to have atleast Rs 3000 worth of a bill ( plus taxes) to dine at the restaurant – hungry and tired we totally decided to stop here and enjoy the experience.

The Restaurant at Lebua

The restaurant is on the first floor and offers an indoors and outdoors dining option. Given it was around 2 pm and the sun was bright we decided to stick to the indoor option , though if you like the sun the view is wonderful from the terrace.


We decided to try their non veg & veg Thalis so that we could taste flavors of Udaipur all together in one meal !

Our host was a chatty young girl who worked abroad before getting placed at this property and we were informed that the property tends to get very cold at night ( there is no facility for electric heating here even for the suites so if you enjoy low temperature and not too much heating this maybe a good option for you to try ) .

The first course comprised of Kebabs – vegetarian and non vegetarian ( the food was served in style and the Galoti kebab was great ! ) this was served along with some fried & roasted papad and pickles.

Galoti Kebab

The main course comprised of a Thali – the non vegetarian Thali had a bowl of Lal Maas & Chicken along with Ker Sangri ki Bhaji ( typical to the region of Mewar) , Corn Bhaji , Yellow dal , Jeera Rice , Roti , Dahi and the Vegetarian one had Paneer ki bhaji additional.

The Lal Maas was average ( having eaten it the previous day at Shiv Niwas , we used that as a benchmark) . The food was not spicy at all and was made keeping a non Indian patron in mind ( though Rajasthani food is essentially known to be spicy and this is not the right meal for one who would like to enjoy the true flavours of Mewar) .

The meal was followed by Gajjar ka Halwa for the Vegetarian Thali & Gulab Jamun for the Non veg Thali . I must admit that I really enjoyed the Gulab Jamun and it did redeem the meal for me especially since Rs 2500 for a Thali of average food is not really justified by even the best view especially when the staff is over chatty and a bit annoying because they hover around and don’t know when the guests would like to be left alone.

The thing that upset us most was that the bill arrived and we were charged a flat Rs 3000 + taxes for just the food and the drinks were charged for separately , something that had not been clarified by the staff at the reception. The difference in the amount was small yet the attitude of the staff especially the manager of the restaurant was upsetting who kept arguing and then realizing our point said ok for you I will just charge as per the menu + drinks included as per cost ! This too was done in a way that left us feeling obliged for an average meal & poor staff etiquette.

All in all our experience at Lebua was average due to the staffs attitude and average food but I would still recommend you to check it out for the view !

Food to try : Galoti Kebab & Gulab Jamun , good for people who don’t like spicy food.

Food to Skip : Laal Mass & Thali or atleast specify you like the food to be spicy.

Drinks : We ordered a glass of bubbly each and they served us from a pre opened ( from the day before !! ) bottle of Sula Brut & the lady attending our table did not know how to pour it and kept on chatting along even after pouring it , which in my opinion is a big no no when it comes to bubbly !

View : Fantastic view and beautiful property

Location : Outskirts of Udaipur , good for an older couple who wants to stay in the property and not really spend too much time sightseeing .

Value for Money : 2/5 because of average food and poor staff , which is a pity for such a beautiful property and such a good brand name.


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