Friends with Benefits !

Awesome movie ! Recommend !


After this I actually think Timberlake is hot !


Romancing the stone…

I’m a sucker for Rom-Coms, Romantic mushy drama and the loves stories we get to witness around us! I ❤ happy endings…

A friend of mine recently suggested we watch Romancing the Stone a 1984 Romantic Action movie. So we downloaded it and hooked it up onto the TV set and had a really “romantic’ evening if I dare say…lol

For the lovers of 90’s Bollywood , Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones , Romancing the Stone is a movie in between , very ‘filmy’ (almost takes you back to the days when Bollywood was about running around trees, dancing on raunchy tunes under waterfalls etc….you get the drift) …

Back to the story – The movie is about Kathleen Turner (very pretty/hot) who plays a romantic adventure novelist ( on the lines of Danielle Steel meets  Karl May), Joan Wilder, who has been having difficulty selling her works off late because they are too “Romantic” for people to relate to…

The reason behind this is that Joan has never had any real adventure in her life and hence her stories tend to be a little over romanticised. Little does she know that soon this will change for her as she is about to meet the man of her Novels…I mean dreams and have the adventure of her life….

Her sister calls her one day frantically as she is being held captive (by evil Art Dealers/smugglers) in Columbia because she had access to a Treasure Map which she mailed ( snail mail ) to Joan in NYC. She says she needs Joan to travel to Columbia ( who btw suffers from motion sickness of all sorts) to come barter the map for her (sisters) life.

Enter mean yet mousy Danny DeVito (I think he’s a great actor) who is brothers with the main villain. He is set out to take the Joan to the evil brother but on arriving in Columbia Joan gets mislead by another evil plotter ( at the bus stop) who is also after the Map. As luck would have it, it is this that leads to her dream man our 30 year old (I’m guessing he was about 30-35) Michael Douglas , her knight in shining armour who comes to her rescue in the end but Joan isn’t clear about his interests until the end ( she is sure he has vested interest in the treasure and is ‘using’ her to get to it….typical male…).

Together they travel through the jungles of Columbia trying to escape from the villains ( while doing this they fall in love with each other) and also in pursuit of the treasure which turns out to be a massive green stone that ends up being swallowed by an alligator ( after a very filmy Bollywood style fight scene with lot of body doubles and extras 😛 )

While Joan manages to break free from her pursuers and returns to New York (a real romantic adventure in tow) to write a real romance novel (that her agent loves), Jack is presumed dead (leaving Joan broken hearted…).

In the end Jack returns to Manhattan to surprise Joan. This scene (as I agree with my friend) is one of the Most Romantic scenes I have seen in a movie. He is waiting for her in a sail boat wearing alligator leather boots (yes he slayed the alligator and got the Jewel in the end!).

For all the soppy romantics out there this is a must watch (best enjoyed with Honey 😉 and wine lol )!

The soundtrack too is great btw !

Apparently The Jewel of the Nile is presumed to be its sequel and a must watch, though my heart is set on watching The Pretty Woman (yet again)!

Po finds Inner peace…!!!

Po ( refers to the Panda in Kung Fu Panda 1&  2 and in the Movie Kung Fu Panda 2 (which I saw last weekend) he embarks on a journey to fight the bad guys, find out about himself(he was adopted by a stork so he is in search of his true identity) and of course most importantly finding inner peace !

As with most movies (especially those of the Disney/Dreamworks category) he does accomplish all that he wants, but my take away from the movie was that finding inner peace is the key to success !

We all are looking for that balance in life…that need/want to find our true selves….

We spend so much time looking outside , yet the answer lies within….

We forget that it is usually a battle with ourselves that we must win…and that once we decide that this is what we need , if we set our mind to it we can accomplish it….

We tend to forget that the key is to figure out what we want and need….we also tend to forget that we will get there if we focus but it is not the destination that counts….the journey there matters most… and a perfect journey , with perfect people is NO FUN !

Po made friends on his way to finding inner peace , he learnt about his past, he also made choices , I think he may have also found love ( the Tigress) …. thats what counts…its these elements that help us look within….help us think…ponder and then figure out what we need and want and that will in turn lead us to inner peace…

Letting go of all negatives, learning to accept things for what they are (knowing when to stop trying) that is the key to inner peace….

I hope I find my balance….!

Fantastic Movie ! Great entertainment ! Please avoid PVR for the 3D as the glasses they provide causes a headache more than anything…. Great animation , great star cast ( Jack Black, Jolie , Dustin Hoffman,Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan…)

If I had to choose between Pirates 3 and Kung Fu 2 , the latter would get my vote !!