Happy Birthday Atma : Atma turns 5 !

A cause that’s close to my heart,
The way they spread the word is smart,
For Quality education they strive, @atmatweet is full of passion and drive,
Come join the fun as Atma turns FIVE ! ❤

P.S. See you on 14th March !

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Funday Sunday @ The Races

Every year a bunch of my girlfriends and I head out to enjoy the good weather and get our annual doze of ‘Happy•Shiny•Beautiful’ people at the Mumbai Derby hosted by Vijay Mallya’s Signature. Our invites come courtesy my friend ‘Batman Ro’ who in my opinion is one of the most hardworking people I know !

The event is a lot of fun because its usually a mixed bunch of girls that get together to dress up, catch up and have a lot of fun.

This year was no different and the 6 of us headed out to the race course in Mumbai on a bright and cool February Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and we were ‘geared up’ to have a lot of fun ! Of course where I go my camera goes but this year was a year where we were surrounded by photographers from Magazines and Newspapers and I was even interviewed by 2 TV channels.

All of us had Hats on and enjoyed the attention 🙂 . Sipping on wine and basking in the sun we giggled our way through the afternoon 🙂 Tired and hungry we headed out to grab a Pizza from Ray’s in Bandra and chilled out (our own version of ‘Sunday Sundown’) at a friend’s place at Carter Road.

For those of you girls who have never been to the races , here are a few things that you should keep in mind –

– Dress up ! Nothing qualifies as ‘over dressed’ at these races . Get your designer wear dresses and hats and sunglasses and head out.

– Wear sunscreen , it’s usually not HOT but is definitely sunny !

– Carry Sunglasses

– Dont be camera shy ! If you’re getting clicked enjoy it ! No point being a drama queen !

– Stay hydrated ! Keep sipping water through the event …

– Wear comfortable but pretty footwear . The event is a lot of standing and walking (in the grass) so avoid stilettos(I always regret not doing this). Platforms are best as long as they don’t kill the look !

– Enjoy yourself , carry change ! Try and bet a 100-1000 rupees through the day and figure how the races work !

All in all it was a Fabulous day and we ended up in the Times of India the next day ! Looking forward to the Races 2013 !

P.s. Pictures to follow ! 🙂

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How to survive the Gazillion Wedding Season !

Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings! I love how everybody looks happy, shiny and beautiful. I love how people from all over the world come to partake in the festivities and everybody is merry and drunk and HAPPY. Everybody dances and sings and laughs and usually I’m in charge of entertainment/dance choreography at all close weddings so it’s the run up to the weddings that is most fun – what with dance practices and gossiping etc

Now that my love for weddings and the fact that I am a very social person has been established, let me start out on how I this year’s wedding season seem to be an unending one!  Wondering what I am talking about? I have attended 8 weddings since 15th November 2011 till date. 3 of them have been destination weddings and have all been those of my closest friends and family. I love my friends and I love weddings and dressing up , but think about this – each wedding has 3-4 functions. SO I have spent 4X8 = 32 days since November dressing up and socializing and dancing to the same music and meeting almost the same people over and over. ( all weekends are consumed by these functions and so are my leaves at work).This does not include the time spent shopping for these weddings – clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry or time spent at the salon – getting my hair done or even time traveling to and fro! As if this wasn’t Herculean enough, I have also switched jobs 3 months back and have been training for the #scmm #Mumbai Marathon that I ran last Sunday.   


On a lighter note….’coz now I sound like a stuck up snob whining about a social life , what inspired this post was this really funny picture I came across the web recently !

 As I look at my social calendar for the next month I have another 4 weddings to go for this season (till Feb end) and I’m very excited about them but I do hope to get a breather in between. I hope to travel (a trip which doesn’t have a wedding as the agenda but pure relaxation). I want to sleep and rest and run and not be worried about salon appointments and dress fittings and the obnoxious high heels that I hate beyond a point at a party.

Having said all of this here’s a shout out to all the lovely couples who have tied the knot this season or will be tying it soon – I love you guys! You all looked / will look awesome and I honestly can’t wait to rock it at your weddings – even in my 6 inch killer heels! Here’s wishing you guys the very best ahead! XXX

 p.s. I will soon post some fun pictures from the very awesome and fun Big Fat Indian Weddings I have been fortunate to be part of …..


Ending the year with VA

Tuesday evening I was invited to attend a concert at the Bandra Fort in Mumbai. I never knew that we had an open air amphi theatre there ! The evening was truly magical. The weather was perfect ( one of the coldest evenings in Mumbai in years), the company was great ( my dear VA and her nephew Varun ) and the music was even better.

Shafqat Amanat Ali in my opinion is a great singer but what I learnt this week was that he is an even better performer ! He kept the audience swaying and singing to his music the entire time , despite the cold weather that Mumbaikars are usually not equipped to handle.

Haven’t heard of him ? He’s a Pakistani singer and his claim to fame are songs like “Mitwa”,”Dildara” and “Yeh Honsla”. He also was the first artist to record a song for MTV’s Coke Studio. I was sooo moved by his music that I bought his songs and now they’re on my playlist.

A truly magical evening and also the last one I spent with Va in 2011 as the next day she flew out to celebrate NYE with the Yankees. What a perfect note to end the year on eh 😉 ❤

p.s. Video/pictures coming up !