Music for my soul….


I can live, eat and breathe music! So when I chanced upon Star World’s ‘ The Dewarists’ you can only imagine how kicked I was about it.

For the un enlightened souls – The Dewarists is a new original TV series that is partly a music documentary and partly a travelogue. It is where few of Inida’s most inspiring and inspired musicians collaborate to create music that is beyond boundaries, one that will definitely touch your soul.

 The Music is created as they travel to different locations across our country and they draw inspiration from the lively and colorful experiences that our country offers. The artists hail from different musical backgrounds and music is composed as they discover new places and sides to themselves! These are wonderful pieces created as they are influenced by each other and the landscapes.

 It truly is a melting pot for music and each episode is made in a way as to identify an individual or a “Dewarist” who have pursued their dreams as they dove into the realms of music. It aims to celebrate those who have broken the rules and have created new music and encourages both domestic and international artists to push the boundaries of experimentation and do what has never been done before. 

It features musicians Imogen Heap, Vishal-Shekhar[6], Zeb and Haniya, Shantanu Moitra, Swanand Kirkire, Indian Ocean, Mohit Chauhan, Parikrama, Agnee, Shilpa Rao, Shri, Monica Dogra and Rajasthan Roots and is hosted by actor-singer Monica Dogra.[7].

It’s a platform that lets us share their journey as it began and as it stands today, ever inspiring and evolving. The collaborations blend in Rajasthani music with British pop and jazz and Electrofunk. If you enjoy music and believe that evolution is the only constant, then this show is a must watch!

 My friend Karan has got me hooked onto this music and I have been listening to these compositions non stop since last evening. Great music for a long drive or even a run in the park!

 Changing World is my favorite track and is the brain child of Rajasthan Roots and Monica Dogra . You can check their music out on the website or even on you tube !



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This song is another one of my happy songs ! Peps me up without fail..

Like after a long day at work..this song on my ipod gets me going no matter how tired I am !

Guess it echoes my life’s philosophy to ‘have the time of my life ‘ in every situation 😀

On my playlist….

I have always loved Nelly’s Music and her songs ALWAYS end up on my playlist. I have had this one for a while but as I was driving around this week ( and was stuck in crazy Mumbai Traffic) I actually paid attention to the lyrics….WOW this is one awesome song….!

See it for yourself !


I also love :

  • Turn off the light…
  • Say it Right
  • Dilemma
  • Promiscuous