Hello 2014 !!

The last year was a wonderful adventure – lots of travel , the Big Fat Indian Wedding , changes , adjustments and of course spending great time with my new and old family ! I am super excited about 2014. My theme for this year is to stay positive and look at the brighter side of everything. I also made a promise to myself to stay calm and learn to believe !

Apart from the above , I have promised to do/be the following :

1. Be cool – patience , calmness & belief are key ingredients to a Happy 2014

2. Get fit – I have never been this unfit in my life and I have promised myself to take up running / walking again ( after almost a year long hiatus ).

3. Meditate – yoga & meditation will be a part of my weekly , if not daily routine.

4. Cook more – I love to cook & try new recipes and the fact that my Mr. Right is a foodie only helps ( I have an ever ready audience to showcase my ahem , skills to)

5. Paint more – Last year I took up painting and made only about 5 paintings and bought 3 wonderful pieces of art ( my 3rd acquisition is a beautiful original ‘Pichwai’ painting from Udaipur)


6. Try to be a better home maker – be more organised , planned out and work harder towards being a better host and a better wife.

7. Work harder – This year I will be launching a website , it has always been my dream to start something of my own and work on something that I am passionate about so I am super kicked about being able to inch closer to my dream .

8. Eat healthier – after a year of binging and enjoying the good & sinful foods I have promised myself to eat healthier. My friend introduced me to the loose it app during our trip to Udaipur and I started working on the app already !

9. Click more – yes I promise to use my camera more ! Follow me on instagram : @aartickapoor

10. Save more – theme for this year , post a year of wedding expenses & lots of shopping will be to save more and work towards setting out a retirement plan so that I have it ready before I hit the dreaded 30’s !

11. Read more – Running a book club with a friend is a lot of fun ! Especially when the people who are part of it are as excited about meeting up and exchanging notes on books to read as we are ! So I have resolved to read 12 new books this year ! ( totally doable I guess , even if I am travelling). Follow the book club @btbbookclub and Bound Together Bombay (Facebook)

12. Plant more trees ! – Yes I think it is time to plant more trees people ! If we plant a tree every quarter thats 4 trees per person per year ! Maybe it will help reduce the harmful effects of global warming a little.

13. Learn more – I resolve to be more open minded about learning from people around me !

14. Travel more – needless to say I always have this one on my list and I will love to share my adventures through this blog !

15. Write more ! Yes I had a very inactive year last year and I promise to be an active blogger this year !

16. Last but not the least I want to learn a language – I did a bit of French in High School and started off with Spanish , but that did not really go anywhere. So I will sign up for a do it yourself program for Spanish / Italian and try and get the basics of the language in place in 2014 !

What are your resolutions for 2014 ?



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How to survive the Gazillion Wedding Season !

Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings! I love how everybody looks happy, shiny and beautiful. I love how people from all over the world come to partake in the festivities and everybody is merry and drunk and HAPPY. Everybody dances and sings and laughs and usually I’m in charge of entertainment/dance choreography at all close weddings so it’s the run up to the weddings that is most fun – what with dance practices and gossiping etc

Now that my love for weddings and the fact that I am a very social person has been established, let me start out on how I this year’s wedding season seem to be an unending one!  Wondering what I am talking about? I have attended 8 weddings since 15th November 2011 till date. 3 of them have been destination weddings and have all been those of my closest friends and family. I love my friends and I love weddings and dressing up , but think about this – each wedding has 3-4 functions. SO I have spent 4X8 = 32 days since November dressing up and socializing and dancing to the same music and meeting almost the same people over and over. ( all weekends are consumed by these functions and so are my leaves at work).This does not include the time spent shopping for these weddings – clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry or time spent at the salon – getting my hair done or even time traveling to and fro! As if this wasn’t Herculean enough, I have also switched jobs 3 months back and have been training for the #scmm #Mumbai Marathon that I ran last Sunday.   


On a lighter note….’coz now I sound like a stuck up snob whining about a social life , what inspired this post was this really funny picture I came across the web recently !

 As I look at my social calendar for the next month I have another 4 weddings to go for this season (till Feb end) and I’m very excited about them but I do hope to get a breather in between. I hope to travel (a trip which doesn’t have a wedding as the agenda but pure relaxation). I want to sleep and rest and run and not be worried about salon appointments and dress fittings and the obnoxious high heels that I hate beyond a point at a party.

Having said all of this here’s a shout out to all the lovely couples who have tied the knot this season or will be tying it soon – I love you guys! You all looked / will look awesome and I honestly can’t wait to rock it at your weddings – even in my 6 inch killer heels! Here’s wishing you guys the very best ahead! XXX

 p.s. I will soon post some fun pictures from the very awesome and fun Big Fat Indian Weddings I have been fortunate to be part of …..


My takeaway from 2011 :)

2011 is over and as I look back at a year that almost flew by my heart is filled with mixed emotions.

In many ways (both good/bad) 2011 has been a life altering year for me and for that and the lessons it has taught me I am grateful.

– I found Annie in 2011 , she is nothing short of a miracle and her entry into our lives couldn’t have been timed better. She turns 1 in a few weeks… 🙂 🙂

– I did a fair bit of travel in the year and saw and met some gr8 people. I have been fortunate enough to have covered a variety of themes of travel this year.

– I revived my blog. I have learnt to share what I feel through my words and in most cases it’s me writing for me more than anything else 🙂 and I hope it continues through 2012. Like Va said the other day for Twitter- it helps me think aloud and be me …

– I lost my granny , the biggest blow on the personal front for me 😦 but she is up there watching out for me of that I’m confident. I will always love her 🙂

– I switched jobs ! Yes ! Unplanned and scary,it was a decision I made and in many ways it has impacted life and made things vv different. So far so good !

– New additions to my family : Baby K and Baby Abhir and of course my cousin’s wife Seemz 🙂

– I’m fitter than I was this time last year and have resolved to keep the theme going for 2012 as well.

– I wore my first proper Saree this year at my friends wedding ! 🙂

– I started driving more regularly this year , something I hadn’t done since I moved back !

– I was always proud of being my parent’s daughter but I learnt more about them this year and appreciate what they’ve done for us and their achievements and continue to do , a LOT more than maybe 2010. I love u guys and I know I got really lucky in that dept 😉 xxx

My biggest take away is to learn to NOT wear my heart on my sleeve ! In any context actually…the rule 2 of 3 applies to any sort of relationship and its one I plan to follow diligently !I’ve learnt that often people are not how they seem and time is the best way to know who they really are ! My eagerness to ‘help’ or be ‘friendly’ has backfired in the past and it’s time to take a chill pill !

I have also learnt that people seldom change and one should not think/believe that they will be the ‘Game Changer’ in someone’s life ‘coz that’s rare and how !

I’ve learnt that actions speak louder than words…

I have learnt that self respect and reputation are as precious and essential as O2 and nobody comes before these 2…

I have also learnt that not everybody can be pleased or that not everybody will like me for the fun/crazy/genuine and slightly traditional yet very friendly and unique person that I can be…and I’m totally down with that ! People have a right to their perceptions and opinions and all I need to do is focus on my good karma and live on and focus on my family and close friends who love me for me …

I embrace 2012 wiser and stronger , empowered by lessons learnt in 2011. I know the people who love me and really care and they’re the only ones that matter !

I’m hoping 2012 will be a FANTABULOUS year with good health,travel,fun and lots of positive experiences in-store for me !

Happy New Year and let’s get the party started ♥

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