Meditation by the poolside !

This year one of the resolutions I made was to spend more time on me – meditating , working out and doing yoga ! As well my usual me time at the local spas and those when I travel …

Given its mid January already I decided to kickstart my meditative journey right here at the Radisson Blu resort and spa in Alibaug. I’ve been planning on embarking on this journey since a friend of mine has been raving about how it has made him a happier , calmer and better person !

Iphone and iPad have apps that help with meditating and the one I have used is an app called the Insight Timer . (It’s free so you should definitely check it out and give it a shot).


So this morning I woke up and headed to the beautiful poolside along with my headphones and iphone to spend some me-time . It was really refreshing and I promise to do this more often as I found it relaxing , rejuvenating and really easy to do no matter where I am travelling to !


How many of your resolutions have you started working on ?


2014 Travel Diaries

After bringing in the new year at our house in Lonavala I was looking forward to the upcoming break in Alibaug with hubby dearest .
What better way to bring in your birthday than at a Spa resort with your partner ! Alibaug is ideal for a quick getaway especially during the ‘winter’ season in Mumbai.

About an hour by catamaran the journey culminates at the Mandwa port where the catamaran guys have a free service to take you into the main market from where you can take a rickshaw to your hotel.

We decided to check out the Radisson Blu property in Alibaug because it came highly recommended and was fairly well priced on my favourite

We used the catamaran services from PNP travels ( have a counter at the Gateway of India and the boats leave every 2 hours priced at ₹ 140 per person one way journey)

Our rickshaw guy gave us his number and charged us ₹ 70 from the bus drop point till our hotel – Arif (I can share his number so inbox me !)

I can’t wait to share my experience with you ! Till then I’m going to enjoy the pool and and the good weather ! Xoxox




Hello 2014 !!

The last year was a wonderful adventure – lots of travel , the Big Fat Indian Wedding , changes , adjustments and of course spending great time with my new and old family ! I am super excited about 2014. My theme for this year is to stay positive and look at the brighter side of everything. I also made a promise to myself to stay calm and learn to believe !

Apart from the above , I have promised to do/be the following :

1. Be cool – patience , calmness & belief are key ingredients to a Happy 2014

2. Get fit – I have never been this unfit in my life and I have promised myself to take up running / walking again ( after almost a year long hiatus ).

3. Meditate – yoga & meditation will be a part of my weekly , if not daily routine.

4. Cook more – I love to cook & try new recipes and the fact that my Mr. Right is a foodie only helps ( I have an ever ready audience to showcase my ahem , skills to)

5. Paint more – Last year I took up painting and made only about 5 paintings and bought 3 wonderful pieces of art ( my 3rd acquisition is a beautiful original ‘Pichwai’ painting from Udaipur)


6. Try to be a better home maker – be more organised , planned out and work harder towards being a better host and a better wife.

7. Work harder – This year I will be launching a website , it has always been my dream to start something of my own and work on something that I am passionate about so I am super kicked about being able to inch closer to my dream .

8. Eat healthier – after a year of binging and enjoying the good & sinful foods I have promised myself to eat healthier. My friend introduced me to the loose it app during our trip to Udaipur and I started working on the app already !

9. Click more – yes I promise to use my camera more ! Follow me on instagram : @aartickapoor

10. Save more – theme for this year , post a year of wedding expenses & lots of shopping will be to save more and work towards setting out a retirement plan so that I have it ready before I hit the dreaded 30’s !

11. Read more – Running a book club with a friend is a lot of fun ! Especially when the people who are part of it are as excited about meeting up and exchanging notes on books to read as we are ! So I have resolved to read 12 new books this year ! ( totally doable I guess , even if I am travelling). Follow the book club @btbbookclub and Bound Together Bombay (Facebook)

12. Plant more trees ! – Yes I think it is time to plant more trees people ! If we plant a tree every quarter thats 4 trees per person per year ! Maybe it will help reduce the harmful effects of global warming a little.

13. Learn more – I resolve to be more open minded about learning from people around me !

14. Travel more – needless to say I always have this one on my list and I will love to share my adventures through this blog !

15. Write more ! Yes I had a very inactive year last year and I promise to be an active blogger this year !

16. Last but not the least I want to learn a language – I did a bit of French in High School and started off with Spanish , but that did not really go anywhere. So I will sign up for a do it yourself program for Spanish / Italian and try and get the basics of the language in place in 2014 !

What are your resolutions for 2014 ?

The Year that was…..

Wow I woke up this morning and it hit me that it’s almost 2014 ! I mean where did the year go ??? What a year 2013 has been , a very special one for me – I got married this year and life has truly changed. A new family , a new house , new name and lots of small and big adventures !

January : This was a hectic month for me , I had pre- wedding trials and shopping , packing , nervousness and Bridezilla drama. I had my bachelorette in January and my girls made it a memorable night for sure.

My girls at the Bridal Shower

My girls at the Bridal Shower

Khushboo & me

Khushboo & me

February : Was the month that changed it all , parties and wedding celebration , a 4 day long crazy wedding thanks to all family and friends that flew in from around the world to be a part of it. Dancing , singing and a lot of love that is how I will always remember the 4 days . My first holiday with my husband and exploring the very beautiful Koh Samui for 10 days ! ( I know , a post on Koh Samui is due and I promise to be more active in 2014) We also dined at The Blue Elephant in Bangkok and totally loved it !

From my mehendi function with my fav people !

From my mehendi function with my fav people !


The W Koh Samui - lovely property !

The W Koh Samui – lovely property !

March : A month for adjusting and dealing with a ligament tear 😦 which meant limping around , foot in a cast , lots of pain and dependence. My poor Hubby had to deal with a limp the first month after the wedding ! Holi was fun too , new friends this year and a new venue. Not as much fun as my Friday Club holi experiences but fun none the less.

Took almost 8 months to heal !

Took almost 8 months to heal !

April : My foot got better and it was time to pack my bags , we were off on a long holiday – 22 days in Europe covering Italy , Greece , Belgium & Netherlands ! Lots had to be done before we took off on our holiday in May and work had to be caught up on as well !( Yes I will blog about the trip as well !) My book club that I co founded with Delnaz started getting more members and got some media attention as well !! Follow us on @btbbookclub

Bound Together Bombay

Bound Together Bombay

May : Was the month of travel and adventures , we covered 21 cities in 22 days ! Flying first class for the first time was an awesome experience and it was truly a memorable trip.

June : Lots of changes had to be made once we returned , I decided to make yet another big change in my life and quit the corporate life that I had been part of and that had been such a big part of me ! It was a drastic move in a lot of ways but it left me with a lot of time to do a lot of things that I always wanted to – paint , travel & maybe start something of my own .

My Artwork !  My first even Oil on Canvas !

My Artwork ! My first even Oil on Canvas ! Gifted to my Mom in Law for her apartment !

July : I spent this month winding up at work and making small changes to my house , settling in is the right word. It was this month that my closest friend decided to move to USA and that meant us becoming doggy parents – though unfortunately that experience was a short lived one , I do hope that some day I will get a chance again. It was also a month of weddings , with my friend Deba getting married to the love of her life after a long long distance relationship,it was good to see these Boothies get together finally !

The Beautiful Bride & her groom

The Beautiful Bride & her groom

August : Birthday month is always fun , this year was a little more tame and warm. Hubby dearest surprised me with dinner with my parents to bring in my birthday with my birthday bestie my daddy ! Ami called me over to her place for coffee and dessert and my school friend Jumana joined in which was wonderful too ! Also this month we celebrated ‘Sawaein’ a function where the new bride is adorned with floral jewelry  in the monsoon season and showered with love and affection.

Floral Jewelry

Floral Jewelry

Sepetmber : My brother in law was down from London and it was fun hanging out and getting to know him , since I did not really get to spend time pre wedding .

October : Was a month of family time – dinners were hosted , I hosted my first ever dinner for a party of 30 people ( all family) since my mom in law was travelling and my father in law wanted to call family over to celebrate the anniversary of our grandparents. It was a fun evening but I was totally nervous and all over the place . Highlight of that evening was when my Granny told my parents that I had done fabulously well and made her proud 🙂 #yay

New experiences !

New experiences !

November : Weddings had begun and so had the party season ! Diwali was fun , we hosted friends for the first time as a couple and it was good to have everybody come over to our home 🙂

My book club participated in The Art Hop

My book club participated in The Art Hop


Gifts were planned , food was made , flowers were arranged – I had done everything I thought I should have as the perfect hostess 🙂 The party was on till 4 am and it was a lot of fun with friends old & new !

Birthdays , Weddings & Parties - Theme for November

Birthdays , Weddings & Parties – Theme for November

December : Weddings & travel have been the theme for the month . We spent most of November 2nd half and December in Lonavala and attended weddings in between.

My pretty Bride !

My pretty Bride !

It’s fun to attend a School Friend’s wedding – perfect time to catch up with old friends and let your hair down. Now I am off to Udaipur and hubby dearest is celebrating a White Xmas in Korea (work trip) and I am looking forward to 2014 because I am sure it is going to be a super year full of fun & travel , happiness and adventures !

School Friend's Wedding

School Friend’s Wedding