Pages/sites I recommend……

Bunch of websites/blogs I recommend you visit…alongwith a small note on why I think they’re cool !

P.s. this is a dynamic list so keep coming back for updates !

1. Khushboo’s Blog : I met Khushboo earlier this year at a seminar and over the 2 days that I interacted with this girl , I knew she was worthy of being added to my list of Power Puff Girls !

In her early 20’s , she’s not only got spunk but is also strong-willed , committed and driven. If your somebody who is into fitness, healthy living and/or are trying to start living the healthy way follow Khushboo on her blog.

From Fat to Phat her journey to shed oodles of weight began in 2004 and if you see her today you will not believe she had an ounce of extra fat in her ( ever !) . I relate with her story most. Having gained and shed loads of weight myself in the past 5 years I know what it takes to commit to a healthier lifestyle…

Not only are her posts informative but also fun to read and many a times I feel like the post was written by me or for me !

A must visit for those of you who want to work towards a new and improved self !

Keep the posts coming in Khush and inspiring us all ! ❤

2. Miss Malini : Malz is a dear friend and is a wonderful person to know ! Not only is she the life of the party and full of spunk but is one of the best networkers I have met ( ever) .

It never ceases to amaze me that she remembers everybody’s name and what they do and how she met them and how she can manage pulling off 5 different events in a single night !

If it’s happening in Mumbai and is a story/event worth knowing , you will see it on her Blog. This celebrity blogger always has a fun contest or a juicy piece of gossip to share….

She’s our very own Gossip Girl I say 😉 !

3. Chenab : If you’re a foodie,gourmand and health freak all rolled into one this Mumbai based (though networked all across India and can deliver all over) company is the answer to all your food cravings.

Started in 2002 this company represents the best and yummiest gourmet brands in our country. With over 200+ products to choose from it will leave you confused and wishing eating made you thinner.

With brands like Dolce Vita Olive Oil , Cipriani , Dorset Cereals , Blue Elephant , Scarpato Cakes and Urbani Truffles in their portfolio Chenab Impex surely has something to satiate everyone’s food cravings.

Their endeavor has been to bring Fine Dining and Fine Foods to India and that’s exactly what they’re doing – enriching our lives !

You can visit their website to see what’s available and order online , they also undertake hamper customisation orders for any occasion ( minimum billing of course) and for those of you who like to check out the products before you buy them, Chenab products can be found across Nature’s Basket ( Pan India) & Food Hall( Palladium , Mumbai)….

4. The Fickle Tickle : For those of you who have a funny bone this one’s a must visit. The use of stick figures to make a mockery of life’s situations and incidents that we otherwise sulk about / take for granted the author of this blog manages to make us laugh at well some very frustrating encounters that we all face at some point or the other !

Throwing light on sensitive issues which involve parents, spouses, bosses and siblings is no small feat but this blog  does that and more by  going a step further making us laugh about them !

It’s pretty addictive and I usually look forward to new posts on this Blog all the time ! I will maintain the anonymity of the author but if you’re reading this… keep tickles coming our way !

5. The Shooting Star  : Long over due, this mention and recommendation comes for a blog that’s been close to my heart for a while. For those who long to travel and explore the world this one is a must follow !

The author is a friend of mine (and inspired me to start wordpressing : ) ) and I love her style of writing. She writes from the heart and isn’t that what Blogging is about …?

Join Shivya (a 23 year old girl from Doon) on a  journey that began during her stint in Singapore (where she studied and worked for a bit) as she narrates her experiences from backpacking trips across Europe and Asia.

An animal lover and a vegetarian she’s been blogging a couple of years and her writing style and blog have evolved over the years to offer an insight on what’s good to see and do ! Her blog is a travelogue and also offers food reviews (must check out if you’re vegetarian).

Check her Blog out…and also feel free to follow her on twitter @shivya or facebook The Shooting Star

There’s something that will appeal to all the travel junkies out there. So go on wish upon the shooting star !

More site reviews coming up soon !


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