Thought for the day !

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

J.R.R Tolkein

My Royal Christmas retreat …

Almost done with my amazingly fantabulous holiday in Udaipur and I can’t wait to tell all !
We’ve had a blast and all within a budget and well planned. Waiting to check out shortly and head to the Airport where I will be boarding an Air India flight (yes now spice-jet this time ) ….


Piece of Art

Piece of Art

Just after I got married , I twisted my ankle and tore a ligament. This meant bed rest , restricted movement and a cast. Apart from reading and watching Sitcoms on TV I realised there was little I could do. It was then that I decided to pick up a paintbrush and start painting , something I always wanted to pursue but had no time for.

I have so far completed 4 paintings and am currently on my 5th one. I will be starting a ‘Tanjore’ painting this weekend and I am very excited to learn and try this new style. I have gifted my art works to my Mom in Law and Mom so far and kept one for us at home. Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to churn enough works to hold an exhibition. Check the one I’ve kept for us at home ! Let me know what you think !!

13 weeks to SCMM 2014 – fingers crossed for this one !

With just 13 weeks left to the race , I sit at my desk wondering if I will be able to run this one. I love running but unfortunately a twist in my ankle in February 2013 led to Achilles Tendinitis for me and that was the end of my running days. After months of physio and rest I can finally walk sans a limp and have attempted jogging only once so far.

I used to run at Joggers Park , a park in Bandra Mumbai but now since I moved I need to get myself acclimatized to the new park near my house – Priya Darshini Park.

Heres my plan of action –

Week 1:  18 to 24 October – Since its been a while since I ran and have only attempted jogging my focus for this week will be to be able to walk a total of 30 kms this week. I will try to add a jog in between but I know I need to take it easy in order to avoid injury.

Week 2 :  25th to 31st October – After the 1st week I am hoping I will be in a better condition to attempt running. Idea is to incorporate a total of 10 km of running during the week accompanied by 15 km of walk/jog combination. Not only will I build my stamina during these 2 weeks but also hopefully follow a runners diet and shed some fat kgs gained during my break from running.

Week 3 : 1st to 7th November –  This week is about covering more distance. Idea is to cover a total of 40 kms this week. Of which I hope to cover 15 km of running and the balance as a combination of walk/jog.

Week 4: 8th to 14th November – This week I will cover the same distance of 40-45 kms but increase the running to half. So if I were to train for 5 days in a week I plan to cover 4km everyday running and walk the balance. Again this will be accompanied by strengthening and stamina building exercises and a runners diet .

Week 5 : 15th to 21st November – This weeks target is 50 kms with 25 kms of running through the week.

Week 6 : 22nd to 28th November – I hope to be able to cover 30 kms of running this week and cover a total of 50 kms in all.

Week 7 : 29th November to 5th December – This is the half time mark , with about 6 weeks of training left before the race day I plan to increase the running distance to 35 kms in a week and a total of 60 kms covered during the week.

Week 8 : 6 to 12th December – By this date ( unless I can pull this one off I may skip the race totally this year) I should be able to cover 75 kms in a week with a combination of run/jog/walk . Idea is to cover more distance and stress less about the timing this year as for me ability to finish the race is key at this point.

Week 9 : 13th to 19th December – I will keep my goal to 75-80 kms but will incorporate a 10 km non stop run on Sunday.

Week 10 : 20th to 26th December – This week will be about covering long distances at a  stretch and I will run only 4 days this week but cover 70 kms in toto.

Week 11: 27th to 3rd Jan – Need to hit 80 km running mark this week , whether over 4 days .

Week 12 : 4th Jan to 10th Jan Need to have alternate days for running covering a total of 15 kms per run for the first 2 days of running and a long 20 km run in the last day.

Week 13 : 11 Jan 17th Jan – I have no plan of running this week but just covering a distance of 50 kms walking to keep myself fit but injury free !

The race is on 19/1/2014 and I am very excited , determined and at the same time a little nervous as I am not sure I will make it that far with my foot. The plan is to try to train and take it one day at a time and to follow this routine as much as I can. If I can run the race and finish it , it will be one of my biggest personal achievements. I will update the blog on a weekly basis to compare my target with the achievements.


Wish me luck !